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Author Topic: GOAL Post 2013-6  (Read 668 times)

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GOAL Post 2013-6
« on: February 23, 2013, 05:11:44 PM »

GOAL Post 2013-6
Legislative Update from Olympia
22 February 2013

Two additional firearm-related bills were filed over the past week.  SB 5739, by Sen. Ed Murray (D-43), would allow counties or cities to ban firearms in public parks and other recreation areas.  SB 5831, by Sen. Ann Rivers (R-18), would prohibit double taxation of clay pigeons bought by non-profit gun clubs who collect sales tax when selling rounds of trap/skeet.  SB 5739 was NOT scheduled for a public hearing.  SB 5831 will be heard in Senate Ways & Means next Tuesday (2/26).

Today is the first major culling of bills filed.  To date, more than 2,800 bills have been filed for this legislative biennium (2013-14).  Bills that did not make it out of their original policy committee by the end of business today are theoretically considered dead for the remainder of the session.  They may be reconsidered during any special session or in the 2014 session.  I say theoretically because the cut-offs are an arbitrary date adopted at the beginning of a session.  If sufficient pressure is brought to bear, a bill may be resurrected.
The 2013 session sets a record: more than 30 firearm-related bills have been filed.  This is a first in the 20 years I have been lobbying in Olympia.  Eleven of the 30 are good bills, most of the rest are either overtly bad or containing sections that do not protect the rights of gun owners.  

At this time it appears at least 18 bills failed to make the cut-off and should be considered dead for the session.  These include most of the pro-gun bills and some of the bad ones as well.  Again, a committee chair has full discretion as to which bills he or she moves or lets die.

Ten firearm-related bills remain under consideration.  In this issue of GOAL Post I have listed ALL of the bills and their current status.  Next week I will delete those bills that died in committee.

Bills that have a fiscal impact on the state require a second hearing in one of the legislative fiscal committees (House Appropriations or Fiscal or Senate Ways & Means).  This is to allow the legislature to identify where the funding will come from to fund the bill's requirements.  Or that's the way it's supposed to work!  The last opportunity for these bills to be heard in their original chamber (House or Senate) is next Friday, 1 March.

Bills in the House or Senate Rules Committees sit there until leadership decides they want to bring them to the floor for a full vote.  In many cases, they're waiting on drafting of floor amendments.

While SB 5660, the bill that would require the Superintendant of Public Instruction to develop a firearms safety education program along the lines of the NRA's "Eddie Eagle" program failed to pass out of committee, a similar Senate Joint Memorial (SJM 8006) did pass.  Unfortunately, a Memorial can only recommend a course of action, not require it.

House Bill numbering begins with 1000; Senate Bills with 5000.  The following bills have been filed so far in the 2013-14 biennium:
Bill #SubjectSponsorStatus
HB 1096Juvi illegal firearm possessionHurst (D-31)H. Approp
HB 11471st degree juvi unlawful possess.Goodman (D-45)DIED H. Jud
HB 1184Range protectionTakko (D-19)DIED H. Jud
HB 1318CPL renewal noticeTaylor (R-15)DIED H. Jud
HB 1371WA Firearms Freedom ActTaylor (R-15)DIED H. Jud
HB 1383Stalking protection ordersGoodman (D-45)H. Rules
HB 1561Short barreled riflesBlake (D-19)DIED H. Jud
SHB 1588Background checksPedersen (D-43)H. Approp
HB 1612Firearm offender registryHope (R-44)H. Rules
HB 1676Mandatory safe storageKagi (D-32)DIED H. Jud
HB 1703Gun "safety" training and taxJinkins (D-27)DIED H. Jud
HB 1729Street gangsWarnick (R-13)DIED H. Jud
HB 1788Firearms/school employeesPike (R-18)DIED H. Jud
SHB 1839Background checksGoodman (D-45)H. Rules
HB 1840Firearms/restraining ordersGoodman (D-45)H. Rules
HB 1908Firearms on school propertyScott (R-39)DIED H. Jud
SB 5282DSHS/WSP info exchangeCarrell (R-28)S. Rules
SB 5376Juvi illegal firearm possessionKline (D-37)S. W&M
SSB 5452Stalking protection ordersConway (D-S. Rules
SB 5478Firearms/mental health courtKeiser (D-33)DIED S. L&J
SB 5479Safekeeping of firearmsKeiser (D-33)DIED S. L&J
SB 5485Mandatory safe storageKline (D-37)DIED S. L&J
SB 5604NRA license platesHatfield (D-19)DIED S. Trans
HB 5625Background checksKline (D-37)DIED S. L&J
SB 5635Restoration of firearm rightsKline (D-37)DIED S. L&J
SB 5660Firearm safety educationChase (D-3)DIED S. Early Learn
SB 5710Mandatory safe storageKohl-Welles (D-46)DIED S. L&J
SB 5711Background checksKline (D-37)DIED S. L&J
SB 5737Ban on sale of "assault weapons"Murray (D-43)DIED S. L&J
SB 5739Ban on guns in parksMurray (D-43)DIED S. L&J
SB 5831Bans double tax on clay pigeonsRivers (R-18)S. W&M

Key to abbreviations:  SB = Senate Bill, HB = House Bill, Jud = Judiciary, L&J = Law & Justice, HS&C = Human Services & Corrections, Trans = Transportation, Approp = Appropriations, Early Learn = Early Learning and K-12 Education, W&M = Ways & Means

HB 1096      CONCERNS
HB 1383     CONCERNS
HB 1612     CONCERNS
HB 1839     SUPPORT
HB 1840     OPPOSE
SB 5282     SUPPORT
SB 5376     CONCERNS
SB 5452     CONCERNS
SB 5831     SUPPORT


LEGISLATIVE HOT LINE:  You may reach your Representatives and Senator by calling the Legislative Hotline at 1-800-562-6000.  Toll free!!!  The hearing impaired may obtain TDD access at 1-800-635-9993.  Also toll free!!!
1-800-562-6000   TDD 1-800-635-9993

OTHER DATA:  Copies of pending legislation (bills), legislative schedules and other information are available on the legislature's web site at "".  Bills are available in Acrobat (.pdf) format.  You may download a free version of Adobe Acrobat Reader from Adobe's web site (  You may also obtain hard copy bills, initiatives, etc, in the mail from the Legislative Bill Room FREE OF CHARGE by calling 1-360-786-7573.  Copies of bills may also be ordered toll free by calling the Legislative Hotline at (800) 562-6000.  You may also hear floor and committee hearing action live at (you need "RealAudio" to do this, available free at the TVW web site).

By reading the House and Senate "bill reports" (hbr, sbr) for each bill, you can see how individual committee members voted.  By reading the "roll call" for each bill, you can see how the entire House or Senate voted on any bill.  The beauty of the web site is that ALL this information is available, on line, to any citizen.

GET THE WORD OUT:  If you want to subscribe to the GOAL Post by e-mail, send a message to "".  Please pass GOAL Post on to anyone you believe may have an interest in protecting our rights.  Better yet, make a couple of copies of this message, post it on your gun club’s bulletin board, and leave copies with your local gun shop(s).  PERMISSION IS HEREBY GRANTED TO DUPLICATE OR REDISTRIBUTE GOAL POST PROVIDED IT IS REPRODUCED IN ITS ENTIRETY WITHOUT TEXTUAL MODIFICATION AND CREDIT IS GIVEN TO GOAL.  I can be reached at "" or by telephone at (425) 985-4867.  Unfortunately, I am unable to mail hard copy GOAL Post to individuals.  Limited numbers of hard copies MAY be available at the Second Amendment Foundation book table at WAC gun shows.

If you believe you have received this e-mail in error, please e-mail me at "" with the words "Unsubscribe GOAL Post" in the subject line.  I will remove your name immediately.  Keep in mind GOAL Post is also published on several gun lists.  If you received GP via a list, you must contact that list's admin to unsubscribe.
Upcoming WAC gun show(s):
             Puyallup             23-24 February
             Puyallup             23-24 March

"The right of the individual citizen to bear arms in defense of himself, or the state, shall not be impaired, but nothing in this section shall be construed as authorizing individuals or corporations to organize, maintain or employ an armed body of men."
Article 1, Section 24
Constitution of the State of Washington
Copyright 2013 Gun Owners Action League of WA
The United States Constitution
(c) 1791.
All Rights Reserved.

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Re: GOAL Post 2013-6
« Reply #1 on: February 23, 2013, 05:12:50 PM »
Should I continue posting these to a separate thread for reach, or just make one thread for WA political/legislative affairs?
The United States Constitution
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All Rights Reserved.

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Re: GOAL Post 2013-6
« Reply #2 on: February 23, 2013, 09:08:38 PM »
Besides you and me, who else here are WA residents? (Even if I only vote and avoid state income tax there)
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Re: GOAL Post 2013-6
« Reply #3 on: February 23, 2013, 10:10:15 PM »
Me!  :)

I've been reading them as you post them. Can't say I follow all of them, tho.
God bless,
Opportunity Farm

"While we have the opportunity, let us do good to all." Galatians 6:10

Offline Drang

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Re: GOAL Post 2013-6
« Reply #4 on: February 24, 2013, 10:10:26 AM »
Besides you and me, who else here are WA residents? (Even if I only vote and avoid state income tax there)
There've been a few other Washingtonians here, I think some of them are now inactive.
Me!  :)

I've been reading them as you post them. Can't say I follow all of them, tho.
Good point, Bonnie.  As long as they are, it may be better to either leave them full length in a thread of their own, or to post a synopsis, possibly with the link to my blog post with the full text.  (I have been posting them on the blog with a page break, so if you're looking at the main page you only see the initial discussion; in order to see the list of bills, etc., you need to go to the page of just that post.)

The United States Constitution
(c) 1791.
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Re: GOAL Post 2013-6
« Reply #5 on: February 24, 2013, 11:48:08 AM »
I like keeping up with this stuff.  Maybe keep them in a separate thread?
"You can get a lot farther with a kind word and a gun than a kind word alone."  --   Al Capone


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