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blanket capes
« on: February 02, 2013, 02:53:20 PM »
The place where I work has to be kept rather cool.  But in the winter, it get down right cold...and we are always freezing..hahahaha... We all (including the guys) often have blankets wrapped around us.  But when you are typing, the blankets tend to fall off...So I devised a blanket in the form of a cape than can be tied with an attached scarf around your neck.  This way your hands are free for typing, phone call making etc.

It is so very simple to make, and I will explain the instructions after the picture.  Plus it is very inexpensive...and I probably could get more money out of them, but I like to make things for folks to be able to afford but still giving me a profit. 
I purchase  a 2 yard long piece of fleece material for 8 bucks and sell them for 16.00.  My next adventure is to try one in a wool or wool blend material. There is only one straight line of sewing that is 2 feet long.  The rest of the blanket cape is all simple cutting with the scissors.  I can make one in 1 hour.   I sold around 20 of these for Christmas.
This is my first time at attempting to show a pattern on the web....hope its not to difficult to understand!

Here is a pic of one of my co-workers.  She looks like she is additioning for Dawn of the Dead...hahahaha....I think she was just trying to give a complete pic of the blanket cape.

Simple instructions:
Material comes folded on a seam.  Before you unfold it, cut a nine inch wide piece all the way across off one of the ends...this will be your scarf.

This is just like folding a paper airplane, but you are folding material.

Now open the larger piece up.  Mark the center fold, and fold the corners of the fabric down like you are going to make a paper airplane.  This picture should be turned so the point is on top, but I can't seem to rotate the pic...

The point of the pic is the center of the can now see how the blanket cape is going to look.
Now fold it again, just like you would make the second fold of the airplane.. Sounds complicated but its not if you look at the pic you can see the second fold.  When I made this pattern, I also showed where the scarf part was cut off... Cut the bottom of the blanket in a rounded manner....its important the you start at the bottom of the NEW fold line and cut up towards the you have the shape of the blanket cape cut. 

Open the blanket cape back up.  Mark center of cape top and center of your scarf.  lay scarf on top of the cape and mark 12 inches both ways from the center of the cape.  Pin the entire 2 feet.  Now sew the two pieces together ONLY from the one pin to the next using a 1/4 inch seam.  You should only have a 2 foot seam. 

Now fold the top of the  scarf  that is not attached to the cape in half down towards the seam.  Make sure your scarf is folded flat and smooth.  Starting where the left side of the scarf seam starts, begin to fold under 1/4 inch of the fabric and pin.  Continue to pin under the fabric until you reach the end of the previous seam. You want to make sure you are tucking the previous raw edge seam under your fold.  You will again have a 2 foot pinned this point, you can hand baste it, or just sew over the top of the fabric.  This attaches the scarf to the neck of the cape blanket without having a raw edge.  If this sounds confusing, look at a neck of a dress shirt to see how it is attached.

Now all you have to do is cut your fringe....see the pic below and cut your fringe according to the marked "orange" areas. This will also show you how the blanket cape is placed on your body.

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