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Cross one off Momma's wish list
« on: July 12, 2012, 12:28:57 PM »
I have a list of things that I want.  My list is unusual for the average woman, so I don't show it to very many people.  Hahahahah!  But for preppers, the list would be ordinary.

I have managed to cross off one of the things on my list...a old fashioned treadle sewing machine....I love to sew and think it is a valuable skill...

It all started out with some instructions on how to turn an electric sewing machine into a treadle one.

I was pretty excited, because I have 3 electric sewing being mine, and two that two ladies gave me after they decided that they didn't want to really sew like they thought they might.  One had jammed hers all up because she didn't thread it right, and it was BRAND new...

So I thought I could "experiment" on one of the machines...what would it hurt? 

But I needed a treadle machine case.  I really didn't get to look around much, because even though it's on my list, there are other things on the list that trump it in priority. hahahah!

My husband thinks I "physic"....I tell him it's a woman's intuition....he hasn't quite figured out a woman's intuition yet.
We were on a trip to the mall...not something we do alot, because the mall is DEAD....not a lot of things we are interested in there...but they do have a large Joanne's Fabric shop, that I always check out to see what kind of sales they are having...

On our way through the mall, I saw a very tiny fabric shop with just one woman attendant in it...I told my husband to wait a second, I was going to stop in there....
Husband:  Why, you always go to the other store.
Me:  I'm going to ask her about where I can buy a treadle sewing machine.
Husband:  Seriously?
Me:  Yes,
Husband wanders off to another store....he looks out of place in a fabric store...hahahah...
I go in and ask the woman if she knows where I can buy a treadle sewing machine cabinet...She looks at me and replies....I have one you can's missing some velour...hahahaha!  I believe she meant veneer...
I asked her if all the parts were with it...she said yes, she believed so.
I offered her 50 bucks for it....and she said to come back to the mall the next day and she would have it there, but she would only sell it for 25.00...I was so excited...even if it was in pieces, I knew I could restore it, because way back in highschool, I took a class on furniture restoration...

I went out of the store and met up with my husband and proceded to tell him that we needed to come back tomorrow and pick up my treadle sewing machine cabinet.  He just looked at me with that look that he saves for moments like this, and are kidding aren't you....I said heck no, I told you I was going in there to find out where I could get one...hahahahah!

So we picked up my beauty the next day....and the husband wouldn't take a penny for it....he said the "thing" had been sitting in his hallway for years collecting dust and he didn't have the time to restore it....and was glad someone could make use of it....BUT he also included the original sewing machine and a top cover...

Now it was missing some of the "velour" hahahah....but just on the top....I have been sanding the veneer off of the top, and it has a beautifull piece of solid wood underneath....not the dumb old presswood or plywood like the cheap furniture has the top will be beautifull when completed....

The rest of the stand is in wonderfull condition...very sturdy!  All the parts are there...with some extra bonus' has an extra belt for the machine....the original manual....and a certificate of purchase....dated 1900...all the sewing accessories that came with the machine, including needles!

Machine (I started taking off the chipped veneer)

Treadle (needs cleaned and painted, but otherwise in very nice condition)

Drawers (there are 6 of them, all in nice solid condition.  I'm not going to refinish the drawers, just polish them with some old English....they have nice decals on them)

Neat cover for machine

Manual and Certificate

She may not look like much now, but I believe with some simple elbow grease, she can be a functional beauty again..  I am THRILLED to have this in my possession.  The machine just lifts out, so I believe I can make a wood piece to fit in that will hold one of my electric machines...
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Re: Cross one off Momma's wish list
« Reply #1 on: July 12, 2012, 01:33:46 PM »
That is nice.  Other than the top, it looks great just as it is.  But, I like the old looking stuff.  You should see my typwriter.  My nephew didn't even know what it was.  No monitor.  I'll try to post a pick.  It's a beauty..and still works.
What doesn't kill us makes us stronger.

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Re: Cross one off Momma's wish list
« Reply #2 on: July 13, 2012, 11:06:45 AM »
Nice Find, Egg!

This is an excellent reminder, you never know if you don't ask.

Good on ya!

"Stupid is supposed to be painful, it's nature's way of learnin' ya" - Me, 1994

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Re: Cross one off Momma's wish list
« Reply #3 on: July 15, 2012, 02:37:43 PM »
Excellent, congratulations, my dad used to do leatherwork with a treadle machine -- they can be very powerful and capable of a lot!


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