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News Items / The Neural Network That Remembers
« Last post by Ken on Today at 02:14:24 AM »
This is interesting.  This basically a predictive, pattern recognition computer program.  If worked right, you could use the program, in very general ways, for predictive forecasts.  (Hey, I just recognize the general type of program.)  You wouldn't even need that many data points, once a pattern was recognized.

The Neural Network That Remembers
I'm thinking that's what the Navy is testing for.
So, we have something about the size of a single-car garage...that can power WHAT, exactly?  The article is lacking in any detail.

If it's not in the megawatt range (for combat lasers) then what?

What fuel does it use?  How reversible is it, consistent with the laws of thermodynamics?
There's also a little trick that you can use lasers as a power conduit, and send a terrific static charge over the beam, like a small lighting bolt.

I think that might do a number on drones, too. ;D
Bit of thread drift, but there's an interesting essay by Eric Raymond on battlefield lasers in the Vox Day/Tom Kratman edited anthology Riding the Red Horse.

According to him, lasers that are powerful enough to blind sensors (and people without proper eye protection) will be the next major battlefield application. Blind drones are pretty useless. And those lasers don't need nearly three juice.
oh no, just by looking at the mass of the thing it doesn't have enough power density

it might over time, but you are talking about Mw vs kw.  laser's are going to take at least Megawatt, as will the railguns.
if you need the juice to run either of those I'd suggest a MHD generator.

Can it produce enough power to fire lasers and/or railguns?  If so, how many shots before it's 'empty'? How long to 'recharge' from empty?

That's the big issue - magazine depth.
News Items / Boeing Delivers Reversible Fuel Cell-based Energy Storage System to U.S. Navy
« Last post by Ken on February 10, 2016, 11:14:28 AM »

Good for independent home!


Cyber secure system stores energy as compressed hydrogen, generates clean power
Integrated into power grid, system available for military, civilian uses
After 16 months of development, Boeing [NYSE: BA] has delivered a fuel cell energy storage system to the U.S. Navy for testing. The cell is being tested to determine its ability to support the energy needs of military and commercial customers.
The system is the first of its kind using a technology called a “reversible solid oxide fuel cell” to store energy from renewable resources (including wind and solar), producing clean, zero-emissions electricity.
[/size][size=78%][/size]The system generates, compresses and stores hydrogen. When the grid demands power, it operates as a fuel cell, consuming the stored hydrogen to produce electricity. Boeing’s technology is unique in being able to both store energy and produce electricity in a single system, making the technology “reversible.”[size=78%][/size][size=78%][/size]This first unit was commissioned on the Southern California Edison power grid at Boeing’s Huntington Beach, Calif., facility before being installed for further testing on the Navy’s ‘microgrid’ at the Naval Facilities Engineering Command, Engineering and Expeditionary Warfare Center in Port Hueneme, Calif.[size=78%][/size][size=78%][/size]“This fuel cell solution is an exciting new technology providing our customers with a flexible, affordable and environmentally progressive option for energy storage and power generation,” said Lance Towers, director, Advanced Technology Programs. “Boeing is known for successful innovation and technology advancement. As the company begins its second century, it’s not surprising that we’d be at the forefront of helping solve the energy and technology challenges of the 21[size=78%][/size]Boeing’s fuel cell product was developed using the company’s experience with energy systems for unmanned undersea vehicles and can be adapted and customized for a variety of defense and commercial applications.
In 2016 Boeing celebrates 100 years of pioneering aviation accomplishments and launches its second century as an innovative, customer-focused aerospace technology and capabilities provider, community partner and preferred employer. Through its [/font][size=inherit]Defense, Space & Security[/size] unit, Boeing is a global leader in this marketplace and is the world's largest and most versatile manufacturer of military aircraft. Headquartered in St. Louis, Defense, Space & Security is a $30 billion business with about 50,000 employees worldwide. Follow us on Twitter: [size=inherit]@BoeingDefense[/size].
Scenarios / Re: What if China Falls Apart....
« Last post by Langenator on February 08, 2016, 02:23:12 PM »
Well, maybe they brought in lots of ethnic Han men to impregnate the non-Han women.

Which would be genocide, of a sort. Not that communists are known for being squeemish about eliminating people they find undesirable.
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